Professional Supplement Manufacturing

The well trained quality control and assurance staff performs all required tests and assays on raw materials, in-process goods, and finished products in daily basis to ensure quality and compliance with guidelines of GMP, HACCP, ISO22000, and HALAL.

Custom formulations with GMP compliant and ship worldwide

ATP-Bio 3 Advantages in Supplement Contract Manufacturing

|Quality Control|

The well trained quality control and assurance staff performs all required tests and assays on raw materials, in-process goods, and finished products in daily.


|NSF GMP Certification|

Production facility obtained GMP issued by National Sanitation Foundation, making the facility comply with the highest international sanitary standards.


|Exclusive Formula|

ATP-BIO is your best source for searching information on natural health and wellness.


Contract Manufacturing

contract supplement manufacturer with One-stop service

Expert Consultation

Provides advice and clarification for all supplement manufacturing related topics.

  • ❚ What product functions are you targeting?
  • ❚ What dosage forms do you need?
supplement formula OEM and ODM service

Tailored Product Designs

After careful consultation, our development team staffed by nutritionists, pharmacists, product specialists, and market researchers, formulates the perfect product for your target users.

  • ❚ We offer support for new brands and small business! For small quantity trial orders please contact us.
supplement contract manufacturer with GMP certification

Quick Quotations/Samples

Once product specification is confirmed, taste samples and quotation will be sent out within 7 work days. Taste can be modified until satisfaction.

  • ❚ Satisfaction Guarantee : Fulfilling customer need is our primary goal, and we will not rest until you are fully satisfied with our product samples.
Supplement manufacturer One-Stop OEM Solution

Contracts and Confidentiality

Upon specification and price confirmation, a mutual Confidentiality Agreement can be provided to safeguard the exclusivity and uniqueness of your product.

Supplement Private Label OEM / ODM


Our in-house art department can offer novel packaging designs for your products, or replicate your existing designs.

  • ❚ Please feel free to submit your ideas/designs to us for detailed consultation!
contract supplement manufacturer with NSF-GMP certified


A.T.P. is an internationally certified NSF-GMP manufacturer, and performs sourcing, material inspection, and quality control all under associated standards.

  • ❚ Factory Certifications : NSF-GMP、ISO22000、HACCP、HALAL...etc.
Custom and private Label Vitamin & Supplement Manufacturer

Shipping and Handling

We provide comprehensive export and shipping services for products and small quantity samples.

Private Label Supplements , GMP Compliant and Ship Worldwide

After-sales Support

  • ❚ Product Training
  • ❚ Product Q&A for both staff and customers
  • ❚ Product COA (Certificate of Analysis)
  • ❚ Documents required for foreign registration and import.
  • Questions and Feedback? Contact Us Now!