Low-Temp Fluid bed Granulator

  • The processes of mixing, granulating, and drying can be completed within the same equipment.

  • Granulation: The better fluidity and solubility of the granules after spraying the binder or active ingredients from the top to the fluidized powder.

  • Drying: The better time saving to dry powder or granules is 10-20 times faster than the conventional oven.

HFFS Packaging Machine

  • 1.8 million Pack/ Month

  • Designable Shape

  • Low Defective Rate

  • Precision Filling

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

  • 1.2 million Bottle/ Month

  • Adaptable (20, 30, 50, 100ml)

  • One-stop production line for bottle washing, filling and cap locking

  • The filling volume can be adjusted accurately with small error

6-Line High Speed Packaging Machine

  • 9 million pack/ month

  • Adaptable (4Line, 6Line)

  • Auto counting: reliable

  • Precision with less defective rate

Spinning machine

  • 18 million Tab/ Mouth

  • Different Shape

  • Good quality, and easy to clean and maintaining.

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine

  • 18 million Cap/ Mouth

  • Multiple Size #0~#3

  • Filling weight adjustable.

  • Good quality, and easy to clean and maintaining.

Rotary Fill Seal Machine

  • 0.4 million Pack/ Mouth

  • Suitable for Solid & Liquid

  • Various options: Flat、Stand Pouch、Zipper

Shrink Tunnel Wrapping Machine