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Our Liquid Vitamin Manufacturing Services

    With a track record of excellence in refining existing formulas and creating new ones, ATP-Bio ensures efficient production, packaging, and order fulfillment for liquid vitamin manufacturing.

    Our range of formulas spans various health needs, including beauty, weight management, circulation, bowel movement, eye care, meal replacement, bone supplement, immune system booster, hangover relief, hair growth, and detoxification, with the option for customized formulations tailored to your specific requirements. Utilizing HTST technology, we preserve ingredient nutrition while prioritizing great taste through partnerships with leading flavor houses and our expert in-house team.

    Our comprehensive services also include stringent Raw Material Quality Control, Potency Ingredient Analysis, and After-Sales Support covering regulatory compliance, testing, and certification. Moreover, we offer Marketing Consulting, Wholesale Supply, and Private Label/Branding Services, from formulation to packaging.

    At ATP, we are committed to delivering top-quality products from concept to shelf, putting our customers and their products first.

    Why Choose ATP-Bio as Your Liquid Vitamin Manufacturer

    Utilize HTST (High-Temperature Short-Time) Technology in Health Drink Production

    We employ state-of-the-art HTST (High-Temperature Short-Time) technology to safeguard the nutritional integrity of our ingredients and ensure safety from adventitious microorganisms with rapid heating.

    Advanced Facilities for Sterilization 

    Benefit from our advanced sterilization facilities for liquid products. Our methods include a Hot Water Spray Retort for commercial sterilization and a Patented Hot Fill Sterilization Equipment System for precise, efficient sterilization and saving time. Our process holds a new patent in Taiwan (M644259), ensuring top-notch safety and innovation.

    Over 40-year Experience in Liquid Vitamin Formulation 

    With extensive experience in liquid vitamin formulation, we specialize not only in various vitamin types but also in formulations containing plant extracts. Our expertise in process control ensures optimal retention of active ingredients. Additionally, our wealth of production experience guarantees products that are not only effective but also with pleasant tastes.

    Customized Services

    Specializing in product customization, we excel in providing tailored solutions to individual brands, demographics, markets, channels, and regional preferences. Leveraging over 40 years of expertise, we provide rapid samples for evaluation, surveys, and sensory tests.

    FDA & NSF GMP Certificated

    Our facilities are certified by the FDA and NSF for GMP compliance, guaranteeing consistent quality and adherence to regulatory standards. Rigorous testing by trained quality control personnel ensures raw materials and finished products meet GMP, HACCP, ISO 22000, and HALAL requirements, maintaining optimal efficacy and quality assurance.

    Fast Quote and Turnaround Time

    Get a quick and accurate quote for your liquid vitamin manufacturing needs. Our dedicated account representatives strive to respond within 48 business hours. While complex projects may require extra time, we ensure efficiency and accuracy.

    Flexible Minimum Quantity of Orders

    We recognize diverse needs and offer flexible Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) tailored to various formulations and packaging types, ensuring competitiveness in the US market and accommodating startups in Asia.

    After-Sale Services

    We provide extensive support beyond product creation. After development, we offer comprehensive education, marketing resources, and regulatory guidance, ensuring your product meets safety standards. With years of export experience, we streamline documentation and logistics, facilitating seamless international trade. Our services encompass product training, compliance consultation, testing, export assistance, and certification application.

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    Liquid Vitamin Manufacturing Process

    At ATP-Bio, our liquid vitamin manufacturing process includes 4-5 main steps as follows. 

    Step 1: Formulation

    Develop specific formulas tailored to buyer requirements, considering factors like nutrient content and dosage.

    Step 2: Blending

    Mix the liquid preparation thoroughly to ensure uniform distribution of ingredients, enhancing product efficacy.

    Step 3: Filling and Packaging

    Fill the liquid vitamin formula into chosen packaging, such as bottles or sachets, and seal to maintain freshness and integrity. Retort and hot fill methods are both economical and less risky for small batches compared to aseptic processing.

    While retort exposes products to high temperatures for longer, it's versatile for various acidity levels. Hot fill, suitable for high-acid products, sterilizes packaging with product heat, ensuring freshness.

    Step 4: Cleaning and Inspection

    Clean and inspect the packaged bottles for any defects or imperfections to uphold product quality and appearance. 

    Step 5: Final Product Testing

    Conduct rigorous testing on the finished product to verify stability, purity, potency, and safety, ensuring compliance with quality standards.

    Quality assurance is integral throughout the liquid vitamin manufacturing process. From testing raw materials to controlling final product quality, measures are in place to uphold standards for stability, purity, potency, and safety.

    Liquid Vitamin Packaging with Private Labeling

    Explore our diverse liquid vitamin packaging options, including Tritan bottles, glass bottles, and liquid sachets, all available with private labeling. The following table compares their features and advantages:

    Packaging type




    Tritan bottle

    50 ml

    Light, compact, and easy to carry

    Preserves the enclosing product well

    Best for single use

    Glossy surface with good texture


    Glass bottle 

    20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

    Easy to carry

    Preserves the enclosing product well

    Best for single use

    Glossy surface with good texture


    Liquid sachet

    10ml-60 ml

    Light and easy to carry

    Offers good preservation

    Available for single use

    Up to 80% savings on packaging costs

    Lightweight materials minimize transportation expenses

    Reduce storage needs

    Store without refrigeration with a preservative-free design.

    Customizable and visually striking printing options

    Awards and Certifications

    ATP-Bio holds various quality certifications, including FDA, ISO22000, HACCP, and HALAL.






    D-U-N-S Registered


    D-U-N-S® Registered

    ATP-Bio holds various quality certifications, including FDA, ISO22000, HACCP, and HALAL.


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