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Liquid Sachet

Easy to carry/ good for preservation/ available for Single use/ glossy surface with good texture/ displayable on the shelf

Recommended capacity  15ml-50ml

  • Wine bottle pouch: Common size 7*15cm (Size can be adjusted - Width: 6.5-8.5cm x Length: 15cm)
  • Rectangle pouch: Common size 7*13cm (Size can be adjusted - Width: 6.5-9.5cm x Length: 13cm)
  • Rectangle pouch: Width: 5.5-7.5cm* Length: 15cm

    1. Light, easy to carry, and ready to drink.
    2. Convenient for transportation and saves storage space.
    3. Safe and efficient sterilization can be stored at room temperature.
    4. Customized printing
    5. Fashionable and attractive