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Protect light-sensitive products from UV rays/ Keep the moisture and dust off the capsules and tablets/ Better Preservation

  • Bottle diameter 4-6 cm
  • Round Intact Flip Bottle, Round Intact Screw Bottle, Straight Intact Screw Bottle and more.
  • Can accommodate 30 to 240 capsules/tablets depending on size
  • Suitable for vegetable capsules, gelatin capsules, soft capsules, liquid capsules, and enteric-coated capsules
  • Suitable for tablets, chewable tablets, sugar-coated tablets, sustained-release tablets, and film-coated tablets.

  1. Good preservation and light protection
  2. Lightweight, and shatter-resistant, reducing the risk of breakage.
  3. Convenient and cost-effective for transportation.
  4. Displayable with various styles.