In addition to creating health supplements, we also offer comprehensive product training and marketing information after product development is complete. This includes clinical data on ingredients, patent documents, trademarks, and more. Our R&D team also assists in reviewing packaging labels and marketing copy to ensure compliance with regulations, allowing your product to be sold safely and efficiently.
If you are looking to export your products, we have extensive experience in exporting products. We can assist you in handling the necessary documentation and logistics for export, making your venture into foreign trade more effortless and efficient!

Product Training

  • Product advantages and ingredient introductions 

  • Relevant patent documents and clinical data 

  • Market analysis and proposal presentations

Regulation Consultation

  • Food packaging labeling

  • Marketing material review

  • Food regulatory consulting


Product Testing

  • Quality testing: pesticide residues, plasticizers, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, preservatives, etc.

  • Active ingredient analysis: vitamins, minerals, specific component quantification

  • Provide complete test report

Export Assist

  • Assistance with export documentation or facilitation 

  • Calculation of shipping and logistics costs

  • Taxation, customs declaration, and clearance

  • Assistance in verifying compliance with regulations in different countries


Certificate Application

  • Trademark authorization

  • Clean Label 

  • Halal Certification

  • Registration of Domestic Capsule and Tablet Vitamin Products

  • Other Certificate Application